The Ancient Ones are distant ancestors to the present-day inhabitants of Eretsu. Not much is known about this ancient civilization, except that they had incredible power over the creation and manipulation of golems, and an insatiable hunger for mana and the power it brought them. By means unknown, the Ancient Ones faded or were expelled from Eretsu completely, and their connection to this world and its mana was severed. 

Role in Golem ArcanaEdit

Their hunger for mana unquenched, the Ancient Ones still commune with their descendants, taking gifts of mana from supplicant and bestowing on them their miracles, blessings, and curses on the battlefield. Although they themselves have been removed from this physical existence, the Ancient Ones consistently demonstrate that their great powers, when enhanced with the gifts of mana, can still be strongly felt in the physical plane of Eretsu.

Ancient Ones: GameEdit

These Ancient Ones are all units that can be added to an army in game

Er-Haka, the Storm

Eresh-Nak, the Swarm

Hala-Nam, the Nectar

Davati-Loka, the Solitary

Vaira-Atana, the Avenger

Vamza-Itra, the Prince

Dana-Arga, the Defender

Urugal Har-Ten, the Warrior

Sudha-Dyati, the Water-Bringer

Ropan-Dyati, the Healer

Zikia Kajit-Ura, the Deceiver

Zargin-Azva, the Marksman

Hanta-Kul, the Assassin

Kavya-Atana, the Scholar

Zrama-Pari, the Hopeful

Sudura-Valli, the Trapper

Ancient Ones: Lore Edit

The following Ancient Ones have been mentioned in current lore but are not currently units that can be added to armies in-game.

Urugal Zas-Sai, the Black Locust

Urugal Iseza-Ukutu, the Savage Star

Ancient Ones: Kickstarter Campaign Edit

The Following List were the Ancient Ones revealed during the KS campaign.  Some have been changed (ie the Warrior) but others may still be coming to the Lore or game:

Abruvat-Juti, the Silent Speed - Arcanum Gudanna

Antu Zikia-Ki, the Protector

Asvapna Urugal-Dana, the Watchful

Azva Urugal-Juti, the Sentinel

Bahtka-Bana, the Loyal Aim - Arcanum Urugal

Carin Durani-Allik, the Wanderer

Citya Durani-Akra, the Foundation

Dirgha Urugal-Daku, the Dark

Durjaya Zikia-Lul, the Invisible

Dusaka Urugal-Lul, the Fatale

Ghora Zikia-Zara, the Poisonous

Hala Urugal-Nam, the Nectar

Hantra Durani-Zara, the Slayer

Mayu Urugal-Ki, the Healer

Metr Gudanna-Ki, the Builder

Palaka Urugal-Akra, the Guardian

Preyas Durani-Nam, the Fortunate

Raka Urugal-Nam, the Lucky

Ranti Urugal-Daku, the Warrior

Rantu Zikia-Allik, the Path

Santapa Gudanna-Daku, the Remorseless

Smera Zikia-Lul, the Trickster

Vajra Durani-Akra, the Architect

Zyama Gudanna-Allik, the Unseen