Blood Channeler (Gudanna Titan)

From the Lore BookEdit

The Blood Channeler softens up opponents by removing its mask and projecting magical energy from the huge vortex in its chest. Then it wades in to finish them off with its enormous twin blades. Channelers are often seen operating back-to-back on the battlefield, sowing chaos and weaving an ever-growing wave of magical destruction.

A Titan Golem from the Arcanum Gudanna.

Current StatsEdit

Health: 100 HP Armor Value: 12 Dodge Value: 10
Movement (Walk) Cost: 1 AP Distance: 2 MP (Nimble)
Slow Burn Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 80 Damage: 10 Range: 2 (AOE)
Golems in Target region take 5 Damage for 5 rounds
Precision Slice Cost: 1 AP Accuracy: 85 Damage: 25 Range: Melee
Using Attack again in same round grants +10 Accuracy and +25 Damage
Closing Strike Cost: 1 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 22 Range: 1
Golem moves 1 region towards Target