Carrion Raptor - Arcanum Urugal Titan

Carrion Raptor - Arcanum Urugal Titan

From the Lore Book Edit

Though the Urugal hold all the mighty beasts of Eretsu in high esteem, it is the bones of the Great Paranya bird for whom they hold the most reverence since it devours the bodies of the Urugal dead during the Ceremony of the Sky. The Carrion Raptor brings that same release to foes on the battlefield.


A Titan Golem from the Arcanum Urugal.  The much feared Carrion Raptor is a versatile titan who features the highest health of any currently known golem.  It is failry slow but has powerful attacks that balance this.  A long range attack assaults its victim with paralyzing spines that do generous damage for a ranged attack and have a chance to temporarily stop the opposing golem in its tracks. Its first melee attack is a massively damaging skewering with its blade limb.  The second attack creates a storm of negative energy that damages all nearby golems and channels this magical lifeforce to heal the Raptor.

Current StatsEdit

Health: 110 HP Armor Value: 12 Dodge Value: 6
Movement (Walk) Cost: 1 AP Distance: 2 MP (Nimble)
Vampiric Cyclone Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 80 Damage: 23 Range: Melee (AOE)
For each attack that hits its Target by 20%+, Raptor gains 5 HP
Paralyzing Spines Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 80 Damage: 20 Range: 3
Target loses 3 MP immediately, regaining 1 MP per round over next 3 rounds
Skewer Cost: 1 AP Accuracy: 65 Damage: 39 Range: Melee
Passive: Embracing Death +2 AP Breakway cost for all enemies in this Golem's region