Dana-Arga, the Defender

The Defender, an unaligned Ancient One, grants powers to strengthen his allies' defense while weakening that of his enemies.

Lore Edit

The Ancient Ones haven't warred in millennia -- but when they did, they called upon the mighty Dana-Arga to craft their cosmic armor.  Dana-Arga resides in Eretsu's blazing sun, the only locale fiery enough to forge the great indestructible shields, mail and helms for her brethren ... and sometimes for worthy mortals.

The forge-goddess understands the need for warfare, but loathes it.  This aversion hails from witnessing her father's death during her kind's second civil war.  When unlikely allies Varia-Atana and Usna-Asura killed her father, Eretsu's moon Zizu was smashed in two -- as was Dana-Arga's heart.

Reclusive and ill-tempered, Dana-Arga looks unkindly upon humanity and its wars.  She cares not for their factions or victors -- but is invested in protecting its victims.  Prayers from the mightiest Knights often reach the goddesses' mind.  When she deigns to respond, the tide of battle can shift dramatically.  

Miracle - Devotee's DefenseEdit

Cost: 20 Mana.

All allied Golems gain 10 Armor.

Blessing - Blessed Are The WeakEdit

Cost: 12 Mana.

Allied Warsprites in this Region gain 10 Armor.

Curse - Taboo GroundsEdit

Cost: 15 Mana.

If an enemy strikes an allied Golem in this Region, the attacker will lose 5 Armor and gets pushed out of the Region.