Fire Ram - Durani Codex ogre

Fire Ram - Arcanum Durani Ogre

From the Lore BookEdit

One of the few Golems from any Arcanum that Knights do not mount. Fire Rams have a reputation for being difficult to control, but the road of their ranged attacks is deafening. If you can see a Fire Ram, no matter the distance, it is in range and a deadly threat. Never let them claim the high ground!


An Ogre-class golem from the Arcanum Durani.  The Fire Ram is the ranged master in an arcanum of ranged specialists.  It has the armor one expects of a Durani ogre-class golem combined with good durability.  The Fire Ram is not especially mobile but makes up for this with two powerful ranged attacks.  The medium range attack is a simple energy blast that does generous damage to a single target.  What puts fear in the hearts of the Fire Ram's enemies, though, is the Fiery Shrapnel bomb that does massive area of effect damage that does even more damage if the victims are in Ground or Medium Cover.  The Fire Ram's weakness comes from a lack of melee attacks - get close and the Ram is vulnerable.

The Fire Ram is one of six golems included in the Base Game Set.

Current StatsEdit

Health: 60 HP Armor Value: 12 Dodge Value: 6
Movement (Walk) Cost: 2 AP Distance: 3 MP 
Fiery Shrapnel Cost: 3 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 30 Range: 3 (AOE)
Attack deals +10 Damage to Targets in Ground or Medium Cover
Blast Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 28 Range: 2
Passive: King of the Hill +1 Range when in Elevated terrain

Recommended Pairings Edit

Knights: Edit

  • Vasayasti (20) - The Fire Ram can fire both ranged attacks every round (to most of the board) if it is on a hill. Uses almost all of your AP though.
  • Vitan Rahita (25) - The Fire Ram spends a lot of time sitting still on a hill, from where it can reach most of the board. With Vitan, as long as you don't move, you can hit almost anything.

Relics: Edit

  • Daku's Lens (10:D1) - shoot the enemy on turn 1, all the way across the board.
  • Baylr's Dagger (20:G1) - disable an enemy knight from very long range.
  • Darya's Leaden Helm (30:D3) - once you're on your hill, you probably didn't want to move much anyways; trade your movement for extra armor to help you stay alive.

Ancient Ones: Edit

  • The Prince (70) - great bonuses to ranged attacks.
  • The Marksman (45) - very good bonuses to ranged attacks.
  • The Trapper (25) - cheap, and can be used to slow the enemy advance.

Gilded RamEdit

An elite variant of the Fire Ram, the Gilded Ram is part of the Gilded Band regiment serving the Durani Empire.

Health: 75 HP Armor Value: 14 Dodge Value: 4
Movement (Walk) Cost: 2 AP Distance: 3 MP 
Concussion Blast Cost: 3 AP Accuracy: 85 Damage: 16 Range: 3
Target pushed 2 regions, all Movement -2 MP for 1 round
Blast Furnace Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 31 Range: Melee
Passive: Gilded Protection If Golem is in open terrain, Critical or Lucky Hits are automatic misses