From the Lore BookEdit

The armor of the Phalanx is so thick as to make it nearly invulnerable to foes. At the battle of Tel Antara, a single Phalanx commanded by the mighty Avetsaka of Cold Shore held back the Witching Crown's forces for more than two days before succumbing to the sustained onslaught.


A Titan Golem from the Arcanum Durani. The Growling Phalanx can provide cover for it's allies in the region, or hurl it's enemies across the map.

Current Stats Edit

Health: 100 HP Armor Value: 16 Dodge Value: 4
Movement (Walk) Cost: 2 AP Distance: 2 MP
Golem Toss Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 85 Damage: 20 Range: Melee
The Target Golem is moved to an adjacent Region, dealing 15 Damage to all Golems there. This doesn't affect Colossi.
Blinding Jewel Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 20 Range: Range: 2 AOE
For 2 Rounds, the Targets lose 15 Accuracy.
Stonefist Cost: 1 AP Accuracy: 85 Damage: 36 Range: Range: Melee
Passive: Serenity of Stone This Golem provides a Cover Bonus for friendly Golems equal to its current Armor.

Recommended Pairings Edit

Knights: Edit

  • Sir Ramaka (10$) - increases Armor, which in turn increases Cover for the guys you're protecting, at the cost of their own Armor. (But beware of AOEs that ignore Cover!)
  • Phantash the Gryphon (35$) - For 6 mana every second turn, you can have 26 Armour vs any attack not on cooldown. If they attack out of cooldown you barely take any damage, and if they attack in cooldown they waste APs. Pair with the Nectar's curse for ridiculous protection.

Ancient Ones: Edit

  • The Solitary (30) - Use the blessing to throw multiple golems at once! (Note that this does not work on a charge, however.)
  • The Deceiver (50) - The defensive blessing works well in combo with a Phalanx-defended firebase.
  • The Assassin (40) - Before you throw an enemy at a square full of other enemies, curse the square; in addition to all taking damage, they all bleed for 2 rounds.
  • The Nectar (35) - The curse, paired with Phantash as a knight, gives you effectively 26 Armour all the time.

Relics: Edit

  • Darya's Leaden Helm (30:D3) - increase your Armor, which adds to the Cover you give to allies in your square.
  • Cistern of T'Lo-Lu (15:Z1) - if you're holing a Fire Ram up with the Phalanx in a defensive position, add even more Cover!
  • Jaya's Gift (10:Z2) - add to the defence of the guy you're protecting, at the cost of Dodge, which the Phalanx barely has any of anyways.