An Ancient One aligned to the Arcanum Gudanna, Hanta-Kul grants powers that will speed the supplicant's Golems onto the battlefield, and enhance the damage dealt to opponents.

Gudanna Hanta-Kul, The Assassin

Lore Edit

Hanta-Kul may be the youngest and most impudent Ancient One, but make no mistake: she is one of the deadliest. Raised under the merciless tutelage of Usna-Asura herself, the Assassin possesses terrible and murderous knowledge … and happily wields it against the enemies of her Gudanna worshippers.

Hanta-Kul’s lineage is unknown. Her first memory is of wandering out of Eretsu’s skin-withering Blasted Lands, alone. Feral and ferocious, the child-thing was adopted and trained by Usna-Asura. After Hanta-Kul ascended to a celestial state, the war-goddess soon unleashed her upon her ancient enemies, triggering The Zadru, the Ancient Ones’ fourth (and most-recent) civil war.

The Assassin revels in the worship of her mortal Gudanna followers. Like so many other younger Ancient Ones, she is ravenous for the mana offerings they provide, but mercurial in her rewards. Perhaps with enough human devotion and blessed gifts, Hanta-Kul can rise in power among her own kind—should Usna-Asura permit it…

Miracle - The Speed of BloodEdit

Cost: 18 Mana.

All allied Golems gain an additional 2 Movement to all their movement abilities for this turn.

Blessing - The StingerEdit

Cost: 8 Mana to invoke, 4 Mana to move

Ranged attacks made from this Region by allied Golems ignore 5 Points of the Target Golem's Armor.

Curse - Open WoundsEdit

Cost: 12 Mana to invoke, 8 Mana to move

All enemy Golems that take Damage in this Region take an additional 5 Damage each Round for 2 Rounds.