Vaira-Atana, the Scholar

An unaligned Ancient One, The Scholar grants powers both arcana and mysterious, based in a deeper understanding of the secret things of this world.

Lore Edit

Kavya-Atana is widely regarded as the most intelligent of the Ancient Ones -- and the least sympathetic to humanity's machinations.  Obsessed with studying planes of existence far beyond his own, Kavya-Atana's uncompromising commitment to scholarly pursuits and lagic have left him alone, aloof, teetering on madness ... and crual to those who have little respect for knowledge.

It is said the murder of his sister Lalit-Atana long ago sparked his withdrawal from others.

Kavya-Atana's celestial interests may lie far beyond humanity's, but his attention is inexorably drawn back to Eretsu -- its eastern islands most of all.  Legends say before Kavya-Atana ascended to godhood, these perilous shores were his dominion.  He ruled them with a ruthless efficiency that made him both respected and reviled among his brethren.  Rumors persisted of needle-like stone towers on those isles, shaped by Kavya-Atana himself, covered with carvings of forbidden and powerful knowledge...

While no friend to mortals, Kavya-Atana will sometimes sense a kinship with passionate human scholars, and aid them in battle.  His blessings are especially powerful.

Lore Discrepencies Edit

In his lore his gender is male, but in the lore of his brother, Vaira-Atana , he is listed as being that beings sister.

Miracle - Summon ManaEdit

Cost: 12 Mana.

Refresh all Mana Wells to their initial values.

Blessing - Arcane DismissalEdit

Cost: 10 Mana to invoke, 5 Mana to move 

This blessing banishes any curse from the map. To bring it back it must be recast. 

Curse - Paralysis of AweEdit

Cost: 8 Mana to invoke and to move

Enemy Knights in this Region cannot use their abilities. If a Golem has more than one Knight, a random Knight will not be able to use his or her ability.