It is said that the scarred gem on the banner of Lady Tavisa, commander of the Onyx Company of the Gilded Band, reflects the scar that angles across her still handsome face. Loyal to Ramaka practically since birth, she has always been the point of his spear. 

She is a descendant of Urugal Ancient One Bahtka-Bana, The Loyal Aim. 

Lady Tavisa is assigned the the Gilded Plague from The Gilded Band elite unit.

Knight Ability - Bad BloodEdit

Cost: None (Passive)

If the Target of this Knight's Golem's attacks are of the Gudanna Arcanum, this Golem always gets 20 Accuracy to all its attack abilities.

Knight Ability - Marred DevotionEdit

Cost: 10 HP.

Reduce all attack cooldowns by 2.