Mana is a type of magical energy emanating from the world of Eretsu itself. This mana can be found in almost everything; the soil, stones and gems, the flora and fauna. Since the time of the Ancient Ones , mana has been harnessed by mages in Eretsu for a variety of purposes - including the construction of golems . In present day, mana is also regularly offered up by Blood Knights to their Ancient One ancestors in hopes of securing the blessing of their ancestor or a curse on their enemies. 

Mana in Golem ArcanaEdit

The mana in Golem Arcana is collected in three ways: First, by controlling regions of the map containing mana wells; second, through the destruction of a golem and the reclamation of a portion of the mana it was created with; and third, by converting unspent action points at the end of the player's turn. When sufficient mana has been collected, a Blood Knight in the player's army may sacrifice the required amount of mana to their Ancient Ones in hopes to secure a specific blessing, curse, or miracle to assist their troops.