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Though not an official kingdom within the world of Golem Arcana, the Mercenary Kings are a force to be reckoned with and play an important role in the war between the Gudanna Dominion and Durani Empire. There is a loose organization of mercenaries into companies and guilds, often led by whomever is deemed the strongest of their number. These mercenaries do not fight for any ideals or national interests; their efforts are strictly in pursuit of wealth and fame. Among the numerous mercenary bands formed, some of the known groups are: The Marut, The Sikata, The Ksuri, and The Blood and Bones. 

A number of Blood Knights are or have been mercenaries in the past.  Notables among these are Vanya, a Zikia Blood Knight; Vitta the Greedy, from the Urugal; and Garo Bataar, a mercenary who has pledged his allegiance to the Gudanna Dominion.

Notable FiguresEdit


"You cannot grow unless you put down roots" was the motto of Vanya's great-grandmother, who convinced the Samula Tribe to give up their nomadic life over three hundred years ago. After his wild ways caused his mother to expel him from the tribe, Vanya became a mercenary fighting for the highest bidder in the conflict between the Gudanna Dominion and Durani Empire. 

Vitta, The GreedyEdit

Vitta may be from a noble Urugal family, but it had no money - and Vitta likes money. At a young age Vitta became a mercenary, moving from company to company until he found the one he liked - killed its leader and made it his own. Vitta's mercenary company is called Blood and Bones, in reference to both his profession and his hobby. He is a descendant of Raka Urugal-Nam, The Lucky. His sigil is two dice suspended above a tipping cup on a slashed field of black and bone white. 

The Symbol of the Mercenary Kings Edit

This symbol appears on Mercenary Kings banner and includes the symbols of both the Urugal and Zikia Arcana.