Map of Eretsu

Jahnu, the Great Khan, fathered over 100 children with almost as many wives but was only survived by 4 wives and 27 children.  Raga Nandanna is one of the older of these children, and one of the most politically powerful.  She is a proven warrior-mage and can trace her bloodline back to both Urugal and Gudanna Ancient Ones.  

After the Death of the KhanEdit

Nandanna has direct control of several of the Dominion’s key regiments and has mobilized them in her efforts to protect the Gudanna Dominion.  Shortly after the death of her father she demanded the crown but was rebuffed by the Dominion Council, led by Samdat, the Speaker of the Law.  It was Gudanna tradition that a ruler could not be named in times of war.  Nandanna then left the Gudanna capitol in pursuance of that war against the Durani rebellion — intent to win both the war and her place on the Saddle Throne.