Jahnu, the Great Khan , fathered over 100 children with almost as many wives but was only survived by 4 wives and 27 children.  Raja Rudatha is one of the older of these and one of the most politically powerful.  He is a proven mage and can trace his bloodlines back to Gudanna and possibly Zikia Ancient Ones.  He has a reputation for political intrigue and being the mastermind behind an extensive web of spies, earning him the sobriquet: the Spider Prince.

After the Death of the KhanEdit

Rudatha appeared at court and seemed to support Samdat against his sister, Raga Nandanna in the period after the death of the Khan.  His immediate motivations, as are any of his motivations and goals, as of yet unclear.  It is known that he has a secret spy school called the Dark Garden.  What is not known is to what ends he will direct his agents.  Some suspect that he is attempting to gain access to and influence over all of the known Ancient Ones.