Ropan-Dyati, the Healer

The Healer is an Ancient One who chooses no alignment, willing to grant his healing powers to Golems of any Arcanum.

Lore Edit

Once, Ropan-Dyati was simply Dyati, the most handsome, powerful and shrewd Ancient One of his generation. However, the elder wrath-goddess Vaira-Atana—who had been manipulated into believing Dyati had murdered her sister—slew him, using her bloodblade to chop him cleanly in half.

Lesser beings would have died. Dyati was reborn. Using his immense powers of restoration, Dyati preserved and reanimated these “halves” of himself. Ropan-Dyati now lives on as a god of healing, offering compassion and care to beleaguered warriors on the battlefield. However, his hideous visage is a reminder to all Knights: strife comes with great cost. Even the greatest magics cannot completely heal a mortal, or immortal.

Ropan-Dyati’s keen interest in humanity keeps him near Eretsu at all times. His presence is most often felt … and sometimes seen … above the bone-mountain of Ru, the site of the bloodiest battle humanity has so far known.

Remarkably, Ropan-Dyati forgave Vaira-Atana for her grevious transgression. His brother-being Sudha-Dyati, however, never will.

Miracle - Healing WaveEdit

Cost: 60 Mana.

All allied Golems are healed 10 Health.

Blessing - Sacred GroundEdit

Cost: 15 Mana to invoke, 10 Mana to move

If there are no enemies in this Region, allied Golems in the Region gain 10 Health.