Sand Lion (Gudanna Warsprite)

From the Lore BookEdit

Many learned to fear the roar of the Sand Lion during the rise of the Khan's Dominion. Cadres of the fast-moving Lions often arrived ahead of the main horde, sowing confusion and panic in their wake. Their speed and ferocity make them choice mounts for the Dominion's scouts and spies.


A Warsprite Golem from the Arcanum Gudanna.  The Sand Lion is known for its blistering speed - able to cross a battlefield or engage the enemy as fast as any other golem.  It features average survivability for a warsprite if struck in combat, but has an excellent ability to dodge incoming attacks.  It features two melee attacks - a powerful bite and a somewhat less damaging attack that limits its opponents ability to dodge later attacks.  As an initial attacker, the Sand Lion can open up its opponents to crippling blows by larger golems.

The Sand Lion is one of six golems included in the Base Game Set.

Current StatsEdit

Health: 50 HP Armor Value: 4 Dodge Value: 16
Movement (Walk) Cost: 1 AP Distance: 3 MP (Nimble)
Hamstring Cost: 1 AP Accuracy: 95 Damage: 10 Range: Melee
For the next 2 Rounds, the Target's Dodge is reduced by 15.
Bite Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 31 Range: Melee

Recommended Pairings Edit

Knights: Edit

  • Vidhis(5) - the Lion has usually moved into a square before attacking; bonus damage is good.

Sand WidowEdit

An alternate elite version of the Sand Lion, the Sand Widow is a member of the Black Widows elite forces that serve the Gudanna Dominion. 

Health: 55 HP Armor Value: 0 Dodge Value: 20
Movement (Walk) Cost: 1 AP Distance: 4 MP (Nimble)
Massive Strike Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 70 Damage: 40 Range: Melee
Critical Hits cause 3 times normal Damage
Gnaw Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 35 Range: Melee
Passive: Spider Stealth While in Medium Cover this Golem gains a 100 Cover Bonus