Sudha-Dyati, The Water Bearer

An unaligned Ancient One whose sole power refreshes her supplicants' abilities.

Lore Edit

Sudha-Dyati wasn't always a half-mad, grotesque water being. Long ago, Dyati was a handsome and powerful Ancient One who was nealry killed by a wrath-goddess -- a goddess tricked by one of the oldest Ancient One of all, Kada-Ur. Dyati survived, but as two entities: Ropan-Dyati the Healer, and Sudha-Dyati the Water-Bringer.

Unlike her calm and patient brother-being, Sudha-Dyati is tempestuous. She is prone to wild fluctuations of mood and magic. Sudha-Dyati has little patience for the petty rivalries among her kind, and even less for humanity's wars or causes. To Sudha-Dyati, betrayal is the greatest sin, and mortals commit it more often -- and with more severity -- than any other beings.

Legends say it was Sudha-Dyati's cold indifference that created Eretsu's arctic northern lands. It is her seething sighs that freeze the world, they say ... and it is her maddened laughter that brings forth the oceans' violent gales.

Blessing - RevitalizeEdit

Cost: 10 Mana to invoke, 15 Mana to move

Upon entering this Region, and at the start of each round, all allied Golems in this Region reduce Cooldown by 2 for all their abilities.

Curse - The Cost of SinEdit

Cost: 15 Mana to invoke, 10 Mana to move

Ranged attacks used by enemies in this Region require an additional 2 AP.