Sudura-Valli, the Trapper

An Ancient One of unspecified alignment. Sudura-Valli speeds her allies along, while ensaring her foes.

Lore Edit

The greatest hunter-tracker of her generation, Sudura-Valli roamed the western wilds of Eretsu for eons before her ascension. The mysterious Tivara trapper monks of the west insist Eretsu’s great Azan mountains are in fact the husks of now-extinct Bahusu, the remains of Sudura-Valli’s final triumphant hunt. They also say contained within those mountains’ hearts are the goddess’ colossal, powerful arrowheads…

Stealth may reign supreme during her hunts, but Sudura-Valli is renowned among Ancient Ones for her boisterous carousing, impish humor and prankster nature. She often conspires with the younger Ancient One Kajit-Ura to craft elaborate ruses, tricking Ancient Ones and mortals alike.

Such mercurial behavior often sparks ire among her celestial brethren—especially her older brother Zargin-Azva—and among the poor human warriors affected by her powerful battlefield curses. Sudura-Valli may sometimes play the fool, but she does not suffer them gladly.

Miracle - HasteEdit

Cost: 10 Mana.

All enemy Golems lose 20 dodge for this round.

Curse - EntrapEdit

Cost: 10 Mana to invoke, 6 Mana to move

Enemy Golems require 1 extra AP for all movement abilities and take 10 damage if they leave the region.