Durani Codex

Original Kickstarter image, the game designers have since decided to change the name of "codex" to "arcanum" in better keeping with the game's name.

Arcanum Durani animates Golems carved from stone and forged from precious metal by tapping the Mana trapped within huge gems found only in the Durani homeland. The staid resilience of the Durani Golems renders them incredibly resistant to damage and their ranged powers make them ideal for siege warfare.

Expansions Edit

List of Durani GolemsEdit

Name Size Released In
Jeweled Harpy Warsprite Durani: The Khan's Pyre
Vigilant Sentinel Warsprite Scions of Honor
Fire Ram Ogre Durani: The Khan's Pyre
Blazing Dervish Ogre Scions of Honor
Winged Preserver Titan Durani: The Khan's Pyre
Growling Phalanx Titan Scions of Honor
Jagara Colossus The Jagara Colossus

The Symbol of the Durani Edit

Both the banner of the Durani Empire and the Codex of the Durani Arcanum make use of this symbol.