Gudanna Codex

Original Kickstarter image, the game designers have since renamed the codex to "arcanum" in keeping with the game's name.

The secrets of Arcanum Gudanna explained how to craft Golems from soil and blood, allowing the Khan to build up his forces and replenish losses right on the battlefield. The speed and martial prowess of the Golems of Arcanum Gudanna make them ideal raiders, well-suited to devastating hit and run attacks. 

Expansions Edit


Name Size Released In
Sand Lion Warsprite Gudanna: The Khan's Pyre
Demon Lash Warsprite Terrors of the Steppes
Dune Viper Ogre Gudanna: The Khan's Pyre
Grappling Death Ogre Terrors of the Steppes
Devil Djinn Titan Gudanna: The Khan's Pyre
Blood Channeler Titan Terrors of the Steppes
Valkali Colossus The Valkali Colossus

The Symbol of the Gudanna Edit

Both the banner of the Gudanna Empire and the Codex of the Gudanna Arcanum make use of this symbol.