Urugal Codex

Original Kickstarter image, the game designers have since decided to change the term "codex" to "arcanum" to better reflect the game's name.

Golems crafted from the Arcanum Urugal are fashioned from the bones of the dead that were pulled from living flesh in a corrupt ritual*. The stamina and speed of the Urugal Golems make them ideal for close combat; they are the masters of up-close violence and death magic.

Some contest that the bones are all obtained from living sources or that the ritual to sanctify bones for use in creating Urugal golems is corrupt. Respect and worship of death is part of ethnic Urugal practices though these practices are seen as unsavory by other cultural groups.

Expansions Edit


Name Size Released In
Horned Blight Warsprite Urugal: The Khan's Pyre
Necrotic Fencer Warsprite Reapers of the Sands
Crypt Tick Warsprite Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs
Plague Bringer Ogre Urugal: The Khan's Pyre
Corpse Collector Ogre Reapers of the Sands
Marrow Witch Ogre Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs
Carrion Raptor Titan Urugal: The Khan's Pyre
Bone Fiend Titan Reapers of the Sands
Relentless Brute Titan Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs
Carapace Brute Elite Titan Individual Release

The Symbol of the Urugal Edit

Both the Mercenary Kings banner and the Codex of the Arcanum Urugal make use of this symbol.