The lore of Golem Arcana was initially established through a series of short stories that were released during the Kickstarter campaign to fund the game's creation. Coinciding closely with the game's release a number of details were changed and the timeline was rolled back from a time later in the War of Stone and Blood to the days immediately following the death of the Khan. Since release HBS has continually released multiple short stories to further develop the game lore, many of these coinciding with additional Living World campaign scenarios. These short stories are currently available directly on the Golem Arcana website, and many are included in the Quickstart Guide and Lore book enclosed in the Base Game Set. An ebook written by John Helfers, titled Shadows of the Khan, has also been been released and is available through the Golem Arcana webstore.

A lore sourcebook is also reportedly in the works, though what precisely it will contain and when it will be released are not confirmed at this time.

List of LoreEdit

Kickstarter Lore Edit

Kickstarter lore is not strictly considered canonical at this time, as much of it takes place much later in the timeline than the events of the more recently posted fiction and Living World campaign scenarios.

Click here for a PDF file containing the Kickstarter lore entries listed below. Edit
  • The Dark Witch
  • The Gates of Supakva
  • Roots Grow Deep
  • The Jade Guardians
  • Child's Play
  • The Viper Princess
  • Webs of the Spider
  • Negotiations
  • Strange Messages
  • The Dark Garden
  • It is Our Way

Ongoing Fiction Edit

Lore entries currently posted on the Golem Arcana site are considered canon. Many entries include a year (e.g. 970 DE), but otherwise their chronological order is not always clear. Unless indicated otherwise, lore is listed in the order it was released, from oldest to most recent.

Shadows of the Khan Edit

The Shadows of the Khan ebook includes seventeen chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue. It appears to take place during roughly the same period in the timeline as most of the current ongoing fiction - in the immediate aftermath and days following the death of the Khan.