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"Blood, Bloodlines, and Golems are the materials from which history is built." 

 - Jauti Ishtimesh, Learned Master of the University of Ur

The story for Golem Arcana begins after the meteoric rise and fall of the Great Khan . In the ensuing chaos, the Durani Empire mobilizes its armies to reclaim lost territory and honor, all as the heirs of the Khan begin to vie for control of the Gudanna Dominion

Factions of EretsuEdit

Gudanna Dominion                        Durani Empire                         Mercenary Kings

The Empires, Tribes, and Clans of Golem Arcana are led by Blood Knights whose ancestry determines which arcana of Golems are fielded in their armies. 

Golem ArcanaEdit

The Arcanum Zikia                                         The Arcanum Urugal

The Arcanum Durani                                     The Arcanum Gudanna