From the Lore BookEdit

Covered from head to toe in poisonous spines, the Thornbeast emits a deadly sap poison that spreads to any target it can touch. Knights fear the poison of the Thornbeast,as it can cause paralysis, insanity, and death.


An Ogre Golem from the Zikia: Spirits of the Wildwood expansion.

Current StatsEdit

95 APV.

Health: 85 HP Armor Value: 8 Dodge Value: 8
Movement (Fly) Cost: 1 AP Distance: 3 MP (Orthogonal)
Barbed Thorns Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 85 Damage: 22 Range: Melee
This Golem's Movement Cooldown is reduced by 1.
Great Thorn Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 32 Range: 2
Passive: Landing Zone When this Golem ends its movement, enemy Golems in its Region take 10 Damage.