An Ancient One with close ties to the Arcanum Urugal, The Warrior's powers focus on providing powerful 

Ghosa-Vaya, The Warrior (Urugal Ancient One)

buffs and debuffs that strongly enhance close quarters melee combat. 

Lore Edit

When the Urugal faithful pray to the 'Gopt Pala' -- the custodian of their dead -- they are communing with the warrior death-god Har-Ten. Among his own kind, Har-Ten is widely believed to be the reincarnation of Tot-Ur, the long-lost Ancient One whose arcane death magics inspired Eretsu's first burial customs. 

Wise and weary beyond his years, Har-Ten inherited his father's emotional detachment to the doings of his celestial brethren. The young god was also greatly influenced by Zargin-Azva's efficient marksman's mind. Har-Ten was once ruthless in combat among his kind. He now delivers those cold-hearted horrors upon the deserving enemies of his Urugal supplicants. 

Like most younger Ancient Ones, Har-Ten is fascinated by mortals, and is often eager to assist them in battle and beyond. His presence can often be felt in Eretsu's southern sands. Indeed, many desert dwellers clain to speak directly with Har-Ten, most often after finding bones among the dunes.  

Miracle: Fury's ClawsEdit

Cost: 18 Mana 

All allied Golems gain 15 Damage to all Melee attacks this Round.

Blessing: Mana LeechEdit

Cost: 6 Mana to invoke, 6 Mana to move

Allied Golems gain 4 Mana for their army every time they land a successful hit in this Region.

Curse: Haze of the DamnedEdit

Cost: 8 Mana to invoke, 8 mana to move

Enemy Golems in this region have the Accuracy of their Melee Attacks reduced by 20.