The Avenger

Vaira-Atana, The Avenger

This unaligned Ancient One uses his powers to aid the attacks of his allies, while softening his enemies' resolve so that they might take heavier damage.

Lore Edit

Vaira-Atana was beloved among Ancient Ones for his unending empathy and generosity. But when a celestial assassin murdered his sister, Vaira-Atana's heart and mind shattered. He is now a twisted, monstrous being obsessed only with vengeance.

The sibling's death had wide repercussions for Vaira-Atana's generation: The powerful bond between Vaira-Atana and his triplet sisters Kavya-Atana (known for intelligence) and the slain Lalit-Atana (renowned for her innocence) was broken, as was the generational peace that bond inspired.

Vaira-Atana's attention often falls back to Eretsu, and the region of Kheda, where his sister died. It is said Kheda's everflowing hot springs are in fact Vaira-Atana's tears, the last he ever shed. It is also said Vaira-Atana believes a powerful clue remains on Eretsu ... one that may reveal the identity of Lalit-Atana's killer.

The wrath-god views humanity with disdain -- they are 'the less-than-fleas' -- but will occasionally assist those whose vengeance vows are righteous. But beware: warriors who are found wanting will face a death worse than any they'd find on the battlefield. 

Lore Discrepencies Edit

In Ropan-Dyati's lore Vaira-Atana is referred to as a wrath-goddess, making his/her gender unclear.

Miracle - VengeanceEdit

Cost: 15 Mana.

All allied Golems gain 10 Accuracy and 10 Damage to their Melee Attacks for this Round.

Blessing - Disdainful GazeEdit

Cost:  10 Mana.

Allied Golems gain 20 Accuracy to Melee attacks while in this Region.

Curse - Eye For An EyeEdit

Cost: 15 Mana.

All Golems, both friend and foe, in this Region take an extra 10 Damage from attacks.