Valkali (Gudanna Colossus)

From the Lore BookEdit

All the other Gudanna golems were essays in preparation for the creation of the mighty Valkali. It took the Khan and his loyal scribe Ekara over a year to translate the mysteries of the Valkali and when they were finished, the Khan wept--not out of joy, but because he knew he must slaughter his friend in order to keep the final mystery of the great Valkali's construction a secret.


A Colossus Golem from the Arcanum Gudanna. Towering over the battlefield, the lithe figure and enormous blades fo the Valkali colossuss causes enemies to quiver in fear from miles away. When she is close, though, the sight of her four faces can make even the bravest Blood Knights flee in terror. The Valkali colossus hosts a crew of three Golem Knights and has six arms, two of which wield 40 foot long blades while the other four cast powerful spells. Those spells are determined by which faces she 'wears'. An army's general can determine prior to combat which faces to use from a selection of eight. This is the only golem so far that has components that can be removed/replaced based on the needs of a particular battle.

Anticipated release date is December 2014.