Vamza-Itra, the Prince

REDIRECT Durani Vamza-Itra, The Prince

Lore Edit

Many subjects of the Durani Empire believe Vamza-Itra to be the patron god of their civilization. Indeed, this Ancient One’s keen interest in human traditions, bloodlines and empires—and his ravenous appetite for the mana so many Durani provide—has tightly allied him with the Jeweled Peoples. Few lower gods are as well-fed or haughty as he.

Vamza-Itra’s celestial form may be rotund, but he is far from lazy. Blessed with a cunning mind, Vamza-Itra is one of the most powerful gods of his generation. By being highly involved in Durani dealings, Vamza-Itra’s power waxes and wanes with the Empire’s. Recent events suggest Vamza-Itra’s power will soon swell.

His prideful—and often petty—nature may beguile his human followers, but most Ancient Ones find it loathsome, especially his elders. Vamza-Itra ignores this, opting to bask in the glories of worship, and deliver powerful battlefield miracles and blessings … which ensures further sustenance.

Miracle - Heart of Stone Edit

Cost: 18 Mana

For this round, all allied Golems' attacks get 10 extra damage and their ranged attack Cooldowns are decreased by 2.

Blessing - Pride of the Empire Edit

Cost: 10 mana to invoke, 6 mana to move

Alled Golems' ranged attacks from this region do 5 extra damage and get 5 extra Accuracy to ranged attacks for each ally in the region.

Curse - Sun in Their Eyes Edit

Cost: 8 mana to invoke, 6 mana to move

Ranged attacks from enemy Golems in this Region do 10 less damage and have 10 less Accuracy.