From the Lore BookEdit

Some say the madness had already corrupted the First Traitor Vrahna when he designed the Durani Sentinel. Its ferocity and aggressive attacks are unlike other Golems from the Arcanum Durani. The superstition remains that a little bit of Vrahna's madness passes back into the hearts of all Sentinel Knights.


A Warsprite Golem from the Arcanum Durani. The Sentinel is one of the few fast-moving Durani golems. It was crafted to engage the enemy up-close and slow them down where they can then be pummeled by the powerful Durani ranged attacks.

Current Stats Edit

Health: 45 HP Armor Value: 6 Dodge Value: 16
Movement (Walk) Cost: 1 AP Distance: 3 MP
Burning Beacon Cost: 2 AP Accuracy: 90 Damage: 14 Range: Melee AOE
Enemy Golems hit by this attack take 15 more Damage from Ranged attacks over 2 Rounds.
Chomp Cost: 1 AP Accuracy: 75 Damage: 25 Range: Melee

Recommended Pairings Edit

Knights: Edit

  • Gunastara Yaffa (5) - Make Yaffas ability an AOE, and strip Armor while adding damage.

Ancient Ones: Edit

  • The Solitary (30) - Once you've lit them all up, Pin the enemy in place so you can shoot them.

Golems: Edit

  • The Sentinel's main use is adding damage to ranged attacks. It works particularly well with anything that has AOE ranged attacks.
  • Bone Fiend - not only does it have a Ranged AOE, but it does extra damage if the Sentinel is still there in the target square.