Zikia Kajit-Ura, the Deceiver

An Ancient One with close ties to the Arcanum Zikia, The Deceiver's powers grant improved damage to foes, while protecting friends from harm or even healing them.

Lore Edit

If there was ever a goddess to never, ever trust, it would be the wily—and often wicked—Kajit-Ura. A trickster to her core, the young and charismatic Kajit-Ura has swindled many of her celestial brethren, which has generated great strife among them. The downtrodden, yet indomitable, mortals of Eretsu's Zikia tribes find great inspiration in her exploits—although it is hard to say what exploits are true or false, as many of the stories contradict one another.

Kajit-Ura may be cunning and cagey, but she is not completely without honor. In many of her swindles, her victims’ fates—which often feature great humiliation—are not underserved. Gluttonous half-brother Vamza-Itra is a regular target of Kajit-Ura’s torment. The two Ancient Ones tirelessly seethe and scheme against each other, much to the anger of their fiery mother, Dana-Arga.

The Zikia host annual festivals in Kajit-Ura's honor. Debauchery and playful double-crosses abound during these week-long events. Kajit-Ura gleefully observes this from on high, and vows—and delivers—her unrelenting assistance on the battlefield.

She often conspires with elder goddess Sudura-Valli to enact great tricks upon both mortals and immortals alike.

Miracle - Wild HuntEdit

Cost: 10 Mana.

All allied Golems do an extra 5 Damage for this Round if they are in Medium Cover.

Blessing - MirageEdit

Cost: 15 Mana to invoke, 10 Mana to move

Allied Golems gain 20 Dodge while in this Region.

Curse - Cruel TrickEdit

Cost: 8 Mana to invoke, 4 Mana to move

If an enemy Golem in this Region misses, its Target heals for half of the base Damage of the attack that missed.