Zrama-Pari, the Hopeful

An unaligned Ancient One. Zrama-Pari inspires followers with powers hastening them to victory.

Lore Edit

It is said that Zrama-Pari was not born during the darkest and oldest wars of Eretsu, but conjured—created by the world itself, desperate to bring forth a thing constructed entirely of Hope. Zrama-Pari himself perpetuates this legend, especially through visions to faithful humans. Most Ancient Ones scoff at the story … though Zrama-Pari’s lineage remains an absolute mystery.

Often a mediator between his squabbling celestial siblings, Zrama-Pari’s jade eyes also watch humanity with great interest. As strife increases on Eretsu—and as mortals’ prayers and offerings increase in frequency and generosity—the Ancient One grants devoted warriors great powers.

Legends claim Zrama-Pari was manifested in Ugra Maru, the south's endless Desert of Deserts. A secret order of Knights—a disparate group united solely by its members’ zeal—explores this woeful region, in search of the god’s birthplace. Few return from such pilgrimages, but those who do are the most fearsome, and most inspired, warriors on the battlefield…

Miracle - EmpowerEdit

Cost: 15 Mana.

All allied Golems' Cooldowns are decreased by 2.

Blessing - Graceful SpiritEdit

Cost: 5 Mana to invoke and to move

Allied Golems in this Region gain 10 Accuracy.